Conversion and new construction of a production hall with service and socialtract.

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Starting with an existing multi-storey building without opportunities of growth, the management decided to acquire acquisition and the purchase of Daimler Street, which as an act of liberation was an opportunity to build a new manufacturing and this on Daimlerstrasse away yet with the stock to merging unit. A superstructure above Daimlerstrasse also offered the occasion of a logistics center with the advantages of a dry loading and unloading and a central distribution of all incoming and outgoing goods. A project of this magnitude can only be implemented in stages, as the construction work had to be organized so that the continuous current production is disrupted as little as possible. Simplified one can speak of two phases. Construction stage 1 includes the new building of the production of the present plant 2 with the loading bay on the Daimlerstrasse. Start of construction of the new building of 5,000 m² was in February 2009.

After moving into the new production in January 2011 followed phase 2 with the new construction and replacement of the former high-bay warehouse in stock. End of 2011, the construction work of the new warehouse which contains 1828 pallet spaces was over, so that the rest of the existing building could be rebuilt in the last six months and technology could be upgraded. The question that arises is whether such constraints, the comparability with the "ideal factory" on a green field. What defines today an ideal production location architectural point. There are mainly two parameters: Optimal processes in combination with high quality jobs . . .

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New building

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