Car Park P14 with SAB Bus Terminal


Our understanding is that each project is uniquely complex and therefore requires a tailor-made solution. We achieve this through a multivalent design process, enveloping all aspects of site, environmental, financial and deadline demands. The general, working structure of each of our projects is clearly reflected in their built form. These forms are not governed by (con)temporary fashions, but rather perpetually update themselves, embracing the influences and demands of our times, yet steeped in an understanding of architectural history and theory. Most important for us is the effect which our buildings will have on their users, our designs are playful whilst remaining objective. Freedom, clarity and an understanding of human needs, are ideals which we strive for in our architecture and similarly in our working ethic, which leads to a vibrant atmosphere and team spirit in our offices. Motivating factors of our work may be dreams, illusions and a utopian vision, but these are well balanced with a need for realisation.

Competences: Education | Research | Corporate Architecture | Health | Sports | Culture | Exhibition | Administration | Office Buildings

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