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Photo © Kevin Fuchs
Photo © Tomek Kwiatosz
Photo © Tomek Kwiatosz
Photo © Tomek Kwiatosz

Student Club

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The building so called "Haus 17" is one of the 6 buildings on the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, which was founded in 1991 in the north neighbourhood Bornstedt. The existing buildings are part of the old Adolf Hitler barracks, with typical buildings of the NS period. Through numerous new buildings in the past few years, the young University evolved into a modern college site.

Haus 17 takes a special position on the site. The former single-storey stables of the barracks were threatened to be destroyed several times. Students have, however occupied the building and established their Student Club.
Due to serious defects of the building materials and fire protection, the usability was not acceptable in the long term. Therefore a comprehensive overhaul of the building took place between 2015-2017.
The purpose of planning was to create a balancing act between the fulfillment of all legal requirements and the "gruff charm" created by the students. The refurbishment was carried out gently and carefully.

The building meets all requirements for fire protection, accessibility and heat protection (EnEV 2016) and accommodates the students again as a self-determined appropriation.

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