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Risch Rotkreuz, Switzerland

There where pure oxygen was once produced in a centrally located area of Risch-Rotkreuz, the sustainable and car-free conceived Quartier Suurstoffi offers space for around 1,500 residents and up to 3,000 workplaces. In the first phase of construction, a composition of differently formed cubic volumes arises not far from the railway station. Upon completion, the differentiated, sculptural building complex meanders along the tracks.

The three independent volumes differ in their proportions, materials, and color. The design and functional diversity lends the ensemble a playful lightness. The complex functions like a self-sufficient microcosmos in which the different uses are stacked on top of and wedged into each other. The easternmost building houses the Swiss headquarters of Novartis; the other two buildings offer a mix of housing types and workspace. The 87 apartments - from the multi-room apartment to the penthouse - allow a broad spectrum of varied forms of living through individualized floor plans. Recessed balconies and greened roof gardens complement the biodiversity of the surrounding landscape and create a special atmosphere.

The district distinguishes itself through its sustainability concept: all buildings are to be supplied with electricity, warmth and warm water, pollutant and CO2 -free through a power grid and photovoltaic system that allows surplus energy to be fed back into the regional energy network.


Site development

1st Prize

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