Visualization © Jan Schlotter
Visualization © Jan Schlotter
Visualization © Jan Schlotter

Administration building

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Frankfurt am Main

Depending on the meander design of the administration building, at the same time offices are well exposed with a good view for the staff and a compact building with short distances is reached.

The halls, courtyards and floating gardens structure the long facade and give the building a different and exciting appearance.

The administration building is reached by an existing gateway in the north and a new gateway in the south. The main entrance, the forecourt and the entrance to the underground garage are located at the western side of the building.

The delivery for goods as well as waste disposal is served via the loading yard on the north side of the building.

One enters the building through a three story high entrance hall.

Five necessary infrastructure cores contain circulation – staircases and elevators – vertical shafts, the subdivisions for EDP/IT-plants and electrical, bathrooms and staff rooms.

The staircases are facing the yards, halls and floating gardens. In that way no useful office space is occupied. Because the ground floor is on all sides recessed the staircases have a direct out-door exit.

In addition, the recess creates an arcade which generates a roofed terrace for the canteen, a canopy for entrances and an intimate and protected atmosphere.

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