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© Annika Feuss
© Annika Feuss
© Annika Feuss

Weidmüller CTC

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Klingenbergstraße 26, 32758 Detmold

Thanks to a wholistic design concept, Weidmüller’s brand claim “Let’s connect” has been adapted to the (interior-)architecture of the Customer Technology Center in Detmold. The innovative design of the building turns the company’s idea of electronic joining technologies into a spatial experience for customers and employees.

Inspired by the colours and design language of the company logo interactive communication zones have been developed that, on the one hand, promote teamwork but also offer the possibility to retreat. The idea was not only to create new "connection points" within the building for the employees, but also to create "connections" to the outside and to the surrounding nature. This created areas that allow for a conscious break from the work environment and open up a view of the impressive landscape.

Rounded corners, as well as colours and colour gradients ranging from the CI compliant orange to grey as a connective element to the company logo, run like a thread through all premises and, in addition, also strengthen the employees’ sense of identity towards the company.

In the restaurant area, an abstract shaped house forms the central visual and communicative element. Positioned in the middle of the room, the roof is formed of connected logos and functions as a meeting area for the employees. The long table offers space for joined lunchbreaks together. The colours of the corporate identity logos were consciously modified into warm metallic bronze and rust tones to provide for a more comfortable ambience. Additionally, acoustic ceilings and textile wall elements create ideal room acoustics. Nothing here reminds of the classic canteen look. Instead, the restaurant is a feel-good place with a high recreational value, in which customers can be invited to dinner and the view of the countryside on the terrace can be enjoyed.

With its innovative working environments and inviting staff restaurant, Weidmüller creates new connections: to its employees and its customers. Therefore "Let's connect" becomes a real spatial experience.

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