Eingang Monetary Unification
Photo © Michael Jungblut
Monetary Unification
Photo © Michael Jungblut
Monetary Unification
Photo © Michael Jungblut
Manufacturing coins and banknotes
Photo © Michael Jungblut
Vault room
Photo © Michael Jungblut
Money today
Photo © Michael Jungblut
Money today
Photo © Michael Jungblut

„La moneta dell` Italia unita“

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Rome, Italy

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the state of Italy, the Italian central bank Banca d'Italia is presenting this illustrious anniversary show, inviting the visitor on a varied parcours.

The sound-filled main area monetary unification, radiating a dignified gold, is determined by cube shapes. At the centre there is a three-dimensional sculpture onto which a specially designed 17minute film is projected. A detailed timeline, which features integrated exhibits encompasses the entire exhibition space. Individual, thematically arranged media stations allow the visitor to become interactively immersed in history.

The space entitled Manufacturing Coins and Banknotes completely submerged in a deep blue colour provides an insight into the history of the minting and printing processes, whereas the treasure chamber, designed like a vault room, deals with the aesthetic qualities of coins that are important artistically as well as in terms of the history of Italy. In the futuristically designed space entitled Money today, the visitor can use an eleven metre-long media table to explore today's monetary networks and find out about the current banking system: 17 different touch points serve as an invitation to call up the interactively processed contents.

Awarding Authority
Banca d' Italia

Exhibition Area
560 sqm

Exhibition Design and Planning

Light Planning
with LDE Belzner Holmes

Media Design and Planning
with ToDo design, interaction & media

Sound Design
with Enrico Ascoli

Michael Jungblut

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