Photo © André Langer
Photo © André Langer
Photo © André Langer

Blue Night – Technology and Man

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Frankfurt am Main

At the start of the Luminale 2012, festival of light art, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is presenting the "Blue Night". Therefore the trade froor will be transformed into an artistic installation reflecting the theme "Technology and Man". A subtle choreography of light and sound makes it possible to experience the leading German share-trading location in a new way. The trading cabins – the workplace of over 50 specialists – are immersed in mystic blue; the DAX curve and individual prices that are displayed begin to hover in the space. They are projected onto fine gauze and permeate the space, thus overlaying a world map that encloses the room to create a permanent light installation. Its pulsating lines of light stand for technical impulses and the speed of trading processes. Light and sound merge with the space to become an intensive experience.

Awarding Authority
Deutsche Börse AG

Square measure
1.055 sqm

Concept, design, scenography
Light and sound design with Ingo Bracke, Studio Kybra

André Langer

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