Photo © 100% interior, Photographer: Karin Hessmann
Knight Hall Lounge
Photo © 100% interior, Photographer: Karin Hessmann
Lounge Room
Photo © 100% interior, Photographer: Karin Hessmann
Patient Room with circadian luminaires
Photo © 100% interior, Photographer: Karin Hessmann
Palace Garden View
Photo © 100% interior, Photographer: Karin Hessmann

Schloss Gracht Private Clinic

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Fritz-Erler-Straße 1, 50374 Erftstadt
1-5 Stories
Schloss Gracht Immobilien GmbH
Robus Ingenieure GmbH

The historic moated castle has been converted into a psychosomatic private clinic in which 80 patient rooms are comfortably accommodated. Spacious lounges, such as the knights' hall or the bridge room, therapy rooms and the restaurant complement the patient’s stay apart from their private rooms and surrounding nature.

The therapeutic concept of presence therapy is supported by the high-quality design, as patients feel safe and secure. Luxurious materials from Stucco Lustro to massive oak parquet flooring, soft carpets, fine details, lively patina, crystal chandeliers and circadian lighting, wood, leather, velvet, brass inlays and gold accents, characterize the rooms in an unobtrusive way. High-quality material, fine details and multi-sensuality from haptic sensations to light and sound surround the patient.

All in all, the harmonious and finely differentiated material and color concept, the handling of the historical monument, by respect for its past and tradition, contrasting the integration of modern contemporary components have created an atmosphere that helps patients to achieve important body sensations and instant emotional experiences. The high-quality medical offer meets therapeutically effective, appropriate framework and thus supports psychotherapy.

Differentiated and at the same time harmonious, emotionally approachable and positively perceived spaces have emerged, supports patients in their recovery through the quality of their stay and their presence-therapeutic measures regarding a healthy future life. Adaptive re-use, by conservation of the past, as the castle’s own character comes into its own, meanwhile simultaniously the strong design emphasizes the charm of the health property towards the future.

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